O&H Properties Ltd owns large areas of land and lakes throughout the Marston Vale in Bedfordshire. We have been working in partnership with local stakeholders since 1998 to deliver sustainable new communities in the Vale. Our other relationships are with our tenants who manage the land for agriculture, wildlife, sustainable urban drainage, woodland and amenity.

We run a variety of projects in the Marston Vale. As well as securing planning permission for new homes we also enable employers to locate  to the Vale and bring forward land for new community facilities. Our implementation team are restoring the pits that were used in the brick making industry and are creating areas of wildlife enhancement. We also support local regeneration projects including the Forest of Marston Vale and the Bedford to Milton Keynes Waterway.

O&H have been working with existing communities, through their Parish Councils, for a number of years. If there are specific issues affecting your area that you would like to discuss then please get in touch.

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